Schedules of Reinforcement & Answers

I have something a little extra-special for Tuesday 7 February’s class: it is a series of quizzes and handouts that should reinforce the material and introduce new material. To help your poor old sub on Tuesday 7 February, someone should volunteer to distribute the quizzes and handouts on the schedule I’ve given them. Basically it is just start with the first one and handout the others when everyone is done. Not too hard.

You’ll need thisĀ Reinforcement Worksheet, so open it and print it. If someone is having trouble with it, ask for help.

Here are the answers to the other two worksheets:

Handout 5-3 Reinforcement vs. Punishment

  1. PR
  2. PUN
  3. PUN
  4. NR
  5. PR
  6. PR
  7. PR
  8. NR
  9. PUN
  10. PUN
  11. NR
  12. NR
  13. PR
  14. PUN
  15. NR
  16. PR
  17. PR
  18. PUN
  19. PR
  20. PUN
  21. PR

Handout 5-4 Schedules of Reinforcement

  1. FI
  2. VI
  3. VR
  4. VI
  5. FR
  6. VR
  7. FI
  8. FR
  9. VI
  10. VR
  11. FR
  12. FR
  13. FI
  14. VR
  15. VI
  16. FI
  17. VI
  18. FI
  19. VR
  20. FR

We will be having a full chapter test when we get back. To help you review, watch these videos:

To understand the shaping of behavior:

Schedules of Reinforcement:

Thorndike and the Law of Effect:

Bandura and Observational Learning:

Tolman and Cognitive Maps:

Kohler and Insight Learning:

An ape using a tool:

A chimp learning to cooperate:

And chimps learning by imitation:

See you Monday!


Sense Video

I was so inspired by Tram that I decided to get into the act! Here are some videos that explain aspects of taste & smell. I’d love to put up more, but other duties call. Enjoy these & I’ll add some more later this week.

Taste & Smell Together

A very good video explaining the basics of taste buds.

The position of the taste buds on the tongue.

A fine video explaining the basics of taste, the basics of smell, & how they work together.