Brain Dissection!

I am so proud of y’all! I cannot believe what a GREAT job each of you did with today’s dissection! I couldn’t believe how well it went. Everyone was able to find olfactory bulbs, medulla, the Pons, the thalamus & hypothalamus, hippocampi, & the amygdala! Amazing! We even had a great example of dura matter, pig hair, & a bit of bone. No one threw up — only slightly disappointing, but Mr. Sharp wasn’t there enough to make it likely that he would’ve been vomited on. You know what I always say, why waste a good vomit? Vomit on someone. And we I got pranked by Shinie & Mr. Sharp. A perfect dissection lab.

My only regret is that I didn’t have a camera to photograph it all.

Thanks again.