Pig Brain Dissection 2

Howdy y’all!

I have two documents that I want you to have access to online:

  1. The Pre-Dissection Worksheet: This worksheet was put together using pictures of pig brain dissections from years past. It gives you a good idea of what you’ll find on Friday. It also will help you find and label the various structures that we will be finding.
  2. The Pig Brain Dissection Guide: You will use this guide on Friday as you dissect the pig brain. I ask you to make sketches of what you see & check boxes of what you find. It will help you stay on track, do things in order, and remember what you saw and found. Unfortunately, it will get some pig brain and blood on it.

Week 2 (24 – 28 Oct): Dissection Preparation

Howdy y’all!

Notice some of the changes I’ve posted here:

  1. Links to each of your blogs. This was done from the “Appearance” menu using the widget, “links.” I had to create (a) a link category (from the “Links” menu), (b) enter each link, and (c) check off the link category to get it to show up. Just drag and drop the widget into the area of the page you want it.
  2. Links to dissection guides. You’ll notice that these are all for sheep brains. That is the standard brain dissection, but we cannot get them as cheaply as we can pig brains. So, our brain will be slightly different. Remember, also, that our brains are not prepped for dissection. They have not been preserved in formaldehyde. Ours are fresh and have been prepped by a butcher for sale for consumption.
  3. Some of the dissection links are to worksheets in a variety of formats (pdf & ppt). In addition, I have this worksheet here: Sheep Dissection Guide as a word document. Each of the guides & worksheets cover a lot of the same ground. Look over them all and choose one or two to read in detail. Base your choice on what your comfortable with in terms of difficulty, pictures, etc.

Week 1 (17 – 21 Oct): Blogging for the AP

Howdy y’all!

Blogging is a good way of casually & informally formulating & focusing your thoughts on a topic. Of course, the topic that concerns us all is the AP Psychology exam in May 2012. I will be blogging my thoughts on the topics that we are studying in class & those that are coming up.

Pig Brain Dissection

I love dissecting the brains. I’m always freaked out a little given the brain‘s central position in our functioning. I mean it is an animal’s brain! Not its heart, stomach, eyes, or lungs. But, it is fascinating, too. I love it because you can find so many of the structures that we study in class.

One of my favorite things to do is look at how closely the cerebellum & the brain stem, especially the Pons & the medulla, are connected. This is easily seen if your carefully and slowly separate the cerebellum from the rest of the brain. Also, the corpus callosum is amazingly big. The illustrations in the textbook don’t do it justice.

Other Stuff

Well, this is a good start. I’ll try & post some dissection pictures later in the week. I’ll also be putting up model vocabulary pages, too.

Looking forward to it!

Mr M.