Week 7 (28 Nov – 2 Dec): Vocabulary Review

English: logo of quizlet

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Quizlet is a website that will make flashcards of words & definitions. It also has sets of flashcards that others have made for you to use. As you can imagine, you will need to study vocabulary for the test & this, I think, is a good source for that. This should compliment the flashcard set we have in class.

I’ve embedded a link to a set of their flashcards for levels of consciousness. I don’t know why the links look so weird. I used the embed code provided by the website, but I don’t know enough about HTML to straighten it out. Still, the links work. There are 36 flashcards on this set. Use them.

  1. Leave a comment with your reaction to the cards.
  2. Join quizlet & start posting them on your vocabulary page!
  3. See if you can use them in our Friday vocabulary games!