Unit 11: Testing & Individual Differences


  • 23 not learned; 7 partially learned; 0 wrong (of course you should go until you get 0 not learned)


  • Correct 29 or 97%
  • Incorrect 1 or 3%
  • Overall Progress 29/30 or 97%


  • A+ 100%

Of course I had all of the advantages: I wrote the flashcards. I pre-viewed the way these three items worked. And, I know the content fairly well. Still, I found myself learning, i.e. correcting myself on certain terms. It seems that to me the definition of reliability is easily confused with test-retest reliability and item analysis with content validity. Interestingly when I encountered the second set of definitions first, I did not confuse with the first terms. Also, I found myself needing to read and re-read some of the definitions: crystallized intelligence, analytical intelligence, g factor, and inter-relater reliability.

The ease with which you can have repeated exposure to the words makes this approach a winner. Also, you can choose to be tested or prompted by the definitions or the terms and on the test which types of questions you will get. I thought the true and false a bit trivial and probably won’t be choosing that option in the future.

Happy studying, y’all! I’m looking forward to hearing about your Quizlet adventures.


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